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Already, by 5:30am, its 73d.  Lol .. but in the box .. its much warmer!  Evenso, stepping outside just last week felt much cooler; now .. not so much.  But then, by 8am its already 80d.

Started the day with ..

Warm Up – AMRAP, 5 mins

50 meter Sprint

15 Squats

10 Push Ups

I did Yoga Push Ups this morning – aka: Chaturanga.     I was on the fourth rep, and had just finished the Squats, when time was called, so I did 30 Push Ups total.   I felt good about the first 20; meaning, they were the best PUs Ive done since I started CrossFit.  Now .. that could be because: 1-I was doing Chaturanga, or 2-Because I am appreciably stronger.  Either way, they felt good.


Deadlift 5 . 5 . 5 . 5 . 5

Snatch 2 . 2 . 2 . 2 . 2

I like the Deadlift .. lol .. and have said that before.  Today, I lifted more weight than I ever have.

My overhead max is 55#.  I tried 60, and could get it to shoulder level, but no higher.  With the Deadlift, today was the first time to lift over 55#.

I started with 45#, for 5 reps.  That felt ‘easy’, so I went to 55#, also for 5 reps. I was feeling good about my form .. very comfortable .. so Keefa suggested 75# for 5 reps.  That felt good as well, so the next was 80# for 5 reps, then for the last set, 95#.  To be sure, I chose to do that last set a second time, so ended up Deadlifting 95# 10 times.

Lol .. when I read the CrossFit forum and see what other women are doing, that doesnt sound like a lot of weight.  But for me .. it is, and it felt good, so am happy!

Next up was the Snatch.  Coach Keefa wanted us to go light on weight, so we used the 5# bars.  Our primary focus was on technique.  Which is yet another reason why I like CrossFit Iconz .. the emphasis on technique.  Being orientated that way, and teaching Yoga that way, it is something I know the value of, so appreciate it when I am on the student end.

Ah .. the Snatch.  There is that roll or wave movement again; the ripple from heel to hip to shoulder to overhead.  I am still not fluid in it, but am at a place were I can feel where its not right – so thats improvement.

All total .. Im liking the lifting part more than I thought I would when I began.  So far, Ive favored the conditioning days over the strength days.  Now .. Im on the fence but leaning to the strength side.