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Conditioning day.  I like the cardio, but then I enjoy running.  I was hesitant when I first started CrossFit .. running on asphalt, which is something I have avoided since I left the Army.  But .. my knees have not been bothering me.  I imagine three explanations for this:

1-Wearing Vibrams;

2-Seeking the best diet for CF;

3-Doing CrossFit.

So .. to start the morning (already 79d outside at 5am!) ..


25 Double Unders

20 Sit Ups

10 Hip Extensions

10 Squats

Still no Double Unders here; though, I am starting to sneak in the occasional 4 or 8.  Mostly I do the 3 for 1, so in this case, 75.  Because I like jumping rope to warm up, I had already done 110 before I did the 75.


800 meter Run

50 Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPU)

800 meter Run

I used two abmats to judge the touchdown point for my head (I used to use three).  Which is not to say I touch down every time with two abmats; better to say Im somewhere in between 2 and 3.  Lol .. which is not to say I touch down every time .. but I can do about half (ok .. maybe 1/4 .. but Im getting there).


Total time: 10:00 minutes even.

When I finished, I did another 50 HDPU, and didnt even focus on the abmats .. just the drop, shoulder lock, then push back up.

Coach Keefa showed me a Kip to lift back up.  Interesting technique .. and it makes sense.  For example, in my additional 50, about 20 of those I did in Scorpion Pose because they are easier when the center of gravity is lowered.  The Kip move that Keefa showed me did just that: Dropped the legs into what I would call a Cobbler (Urdhva Baddha Konasana), then kicked them back up.  So .. lowering the gravity line to assist the lift.  Thats how I teach Yoga.

Ive never done 50 Hand Stand Push Ups before .. so lets see how I feel today during Yoga classes!

This mornings CrossFit. I like the cardio (in my vibrams). HSPU = Handstand Push Up. When I was finished with the second run (after time), I did another 50. I can break the plane ever so often .. lol .. but more ‘ever so’ than often! 😀


I was sore over the weekend from Friday’s WOD (the 2 minute drills).

When I get the ‘creeping crude‘ – my word for how I feel when my immunity drops, or when the body is letting me know that Im getting ready to get sick – I feel it in my arms, shoulders and neck.  When this happens I do all the things Ive learned over the years to keep this body healthy, like stay warm, eat warm food, get more sleep, and go slow.

So here I was feeling the creeping crude on Saturday when I went in to get dunked.

Instead of resting, I had a 2-hour trip to the airport, then the dog dug out.  So aside from the long, traffic filled drive, I had to fill a hole and hammer wooden stakes into the ground, then chase the dog down!

Woke up Sunday feeling like I was in full blown sick mode, except, I wasnt sick .. I was just sore in all the places I feel when my immunity drops.  In other words, I felt like crap (hence: the ‘creeping crude’).

And so I slept lots, ate warm food, and even though its 95 degrees outside, wore a pair of socks and a long sleeve t-shirt round the house.

This morning at CrossFit I told Keefa that I felt like “pond water”; which I explained as a military expression meaning “slow, sluggish and stinky”.

So I didnt do the personal warm-up Ive been slowly developing since I started CF; instead I did about 10 HSPU and got ready for the group exercise.

Warm Up – 5 min AMRAP

25 JJ / Crab Walk / 10 Squats / Crab Walk

25 High Knees / Bear Crawl / 10 Push Ups

Then right into the ..


100 Hang Squat Cleans, 75#/45#

Being no where near 45# (pounds), Keefa suggested the 22# bar.

Weightlifting is a challenge to me, simply because its not something I do all the time.  When I broke my foot in the Army I couldnt run, so went to the gym and worked out.  There I met a WO3 who taught me how to lift weights –  and I bulked up enough to get taped every time there was a weigh-in – but what I did then is different from what I am doing now.

So using the bicameral mind – one part going over the Hand Squat Clean tech, the other pondering weightlifting and Yoga – I arrived at an idea.

Yoga, which I know so well, is natural body movement.  Likewise, the weightlifting we do in Yoga is all body weight exercise.  This means, in Yoga terms, that I have the strength to ‘bench press’ / lift my body weight (126 lbs).  Now, there are several ways todo this in Yoga, such as in Crow and Peacock, Handstand and Scorpion, Floating Lotus and Eight-Limbed Pose.

Clearly, none involve an object (like the weight bar), and none involve lifting that weight over my head.  Now .. I suppose it could be argued that Handstand and Scorpion are ‘over the head’ lifts, yet .. they simply dont feel the same.  Or, at least, I havent gotten solid enough with the bar to feel anything more subtle.

So .. as every day brings .. its just a learning curve.

I really took my time with the HSC, because technique (as in Yoga) is everything.  Truly, the very foundation upon which any ‘house’ is built.  So I took my time and did my best to remember the steps, to assist the body’s muscle memory.

When it was finished, I had done about 107, because on the last 10 (in almost everything I do in CF now), I tell myself, ‘Last 10 .. do it right!’  This means, if I do a step wrong – like not dip, or not shrug, or dont lift the elbows – I dont count it.  Lol .. not for the entire 100 mind you .. just the last 10!

So here I am considering going to CF tomorrow .. making it my first ‘double day’ .. but also thinking how I will no doubt be sore tomorrow with that creeping crude feeling (upper body), but this time with a heavy dose of 100 Squats!

Its the beginning of Week Five, its Monday, so its a good opportunity to start the week with a solid 5 day CF experience.  Lol .. then see if Im able to lift my arms to type this blog!