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There is so much to learn in weightlifting.  Take today for example .. we did the CrossFit Football Totals (CFFB), which means finding your one rep max on the Power Clean, Deadlift, Back Squat and Bench Press.

Not necessarily in that order.

For some, the Deadlift wears them out, so they start there.  So it was I had to determine which was – essentially – the most challenging lift for me, then do it first.  Rather to get it out of the way.

This approach is similar to how I used to eat as a kid, and to a degree, eat today.  Honestly, who doesnt like to eat what is less pleasing first, so they can save the best for last!

Generally speak, women have approximately 50% less upper body strength than men; I know this from my studies in anatomy and physiology and specifically how that applies to Yoga.   In particular how I teach the male poses, female poses and gender neutral poses found within Yoga.  But .. back to CF, this upper body strength translates to the Power Cleans, which is lifting the weight off the floor and to the shoulder.  Whereas Deadlists, I really enjoy, but Back Squats .. not so much.

So it was that I started with the Power Clean, which is a lift we did last week, where I could lift 80# several times (4 all total), but not 85.  So it was today .. I tried, but you reach a place of no momentum, where the bar is simply not going any higher.

Interesting thing about the Power Clean .. how its supposed to be lifted with “explosive energy”.  This is clearly seen in the link I supply above, and depending on the weight, something I can do if its lighter.  But with most lifts, this one has a sense of “weightlessness” in it, or a place where the bar – in its upwards motion – reaches the peak of gravity, so is .. sorta-kinda weightless.  And it is at that exact moment where one is supposed to “get under it” to maximize the lift.

Yoga too teaches weightlessness.  Or at least, my interpretation of Traditional Hatha Yoga includes it.  Likewise, being weightless – often referred to as “levitation” in Yogic lore – is integral to the Hatha Yoga practice.  In fact, it even makes meditation easier.

Meanwhile, back at the box .. next came the Back Squat.  I like the squatting part just not the weighted squat part.

I really like Deadlifts, and did good today at 165# .. a PR.  This is a lift I have progressively moved on.

The Bench Press was also a PR, or as Tony pointed out by asking me, “How much did you do on the Weighted Push Up?”

This is when it occurred to me that, akin to Yoga, some of these lifts do correspond in a way the asanas/poses do.  Or, as I tell my clients, virtually every Yoga pose has a ‘vertical’ poses and ‘horizontal’ position, which is integral to my approach to the traditional practice.

So thinking back on the Weighted Push-Up .. I recalled that did this with 80# on my back.  Turns out, this was indeed a solid marker for where to start working on the Bench Press.

So it is, there is so much to learn about weightlifting.  Much of it is relatable to the body knowledge I already have in Yoga, other parts – where the weight is applied – is all new territory.

I love being an explorer!