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Day Two of the CrossFit Iconz Challenge.  After the Warm-Up we moved into Fran.


Of note, I Cleaned 55# with relative ease – something that certainly wasn’t happening a month ago.  Not that I wasn’t able to, just not with the ease that I experienced today.  And though I did not do RX, I was only 5# off.


Something else I noticed: How I was able to feel/sense the weight I knew I could lift for the duration.  At 55#, for example, the weight was ‘there’ but I knew ‘not enough’.  So I went up 5#, and that is when I ‘felt’ it, a sensation of ‘this is right’, and ‘this I can do for 21, 15 and 9 reps’.


Not that it was perfect, because some of it was ugly, but ugliness/messy is akin to polishing a stone, one just has to work on it, with effort, with continuity and determination.  The shine is there, but one has to really want it.


All total: Fran, 60#, using the red band on the Pull-Ups (which is a step from the purple band I have been on), in 16:10.  So all total, both events were ones I really pushed myself on – in a sane, Yogic way.  And I feel good about that ..