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The whiteboard read ..

Warm Up

800 M Run 😀

Lol .. who can resist a smiley run!?

Sore from yesterday’s WOD.  Woke up crawling outta bed.  Sore when I got to CrossFit Iconz.  Lol .. must mean its time for more CrossFit!

Coach Gene likes to keep it simple.  Which sounds easy .. but .. his simple is mostly intense.  (Yea .. I remember that ‘run the stairs’ warm up’!)

WOD – 21 . 15 . 9 . Timed

1-Bench Press, 50% – 100% of Bodyweight

2-Strict Pull Up

First thing, I let everyone know that, this morning, I work up weighing 90lbs!


Turns out, I ended up lifting less than half of that!

Honestly, I gotta get some upper body strength.  Ive got good Yoga upper body strength, but no CrossFit upper body strength.

So with 40#, I start 21 Bench Presses, then try todo 21 Pull Ups.  Thanks Coach Gene for help me with more than a few lifts!  Just looking over the top of that bar was exciting .. and motivational .. so I appreciate the nudge/lift.

But .. before I even got that far, it took us probably 10 minutes to figure out which rubber band I would use under my knee.  We ended up using two (note to self: the blue and purple).

For the second round, 15 Bench Presses and Pull Ups.  Then the third round, where, dont let that lower number fool you ..  this is where fatigue sets in.

The Bench Press I did alright with, having done them in the Army.  In Yoga, we press our body weight, so with hands on the floor – in Peacock / Mayurasana, for example – I can support my full 126lbs for 2-3 minutes.

In all .. I liked the combination of pushing weight upwards (bench press), then lifting weight upwards (pull up) .. its a sound muscle group combination .. one that I often use in Yoga, so can really appreciate the thought and benefit behind it.

Honestly, I gotta get some upper body strength!

Yea, yea .. I hear myself telling my students, “Dont feel bad.  Remember, women have 55% less upper body strength than men“.  And in Yoga .. I have some serious arm strength.  So .. I just gotta work on the CrossFit upper body stuff.

Final time:  5 minutes, 5 seconds

But .. I wasnt finished.  I decided to keep going.  So I started at 21 reps again on the Bench Press, then got to about 9 on the Pull Ups when I decided I was done!  I did, however, take the weight off the bar and worked on a few more Bench Presses.  Coach Gene used that as an opportunity to have me lower my knees, engaging the abs (I like doing the BP with curled knees, in my chest).

Everyday at CrossFit is another day to realize a new goal!


Whoot!   Havent worn a weighted vest since the Army .. and they called it a LBE and Flak Vest.  Lots ‘o Running, Push Pressing, Squats, Lunges and .. what’s up with those Rings!?!   Oh yea .. its a CrossFit morning!


Warm Up

25 Jumping Jacks

10 Squats

10 Push Ups

25 Double Unders

~ ~ ~

WOD – 3 Rounds w/20# Weighted Vest

400 meter Run

15 Ring Dips

20 Push Press

25 Walking Lunges

30 Squats

Ring Dips are tough.  Not just the movement, and suspending one’s bodyweight, but keeping the alignment.  Lots of concentration during fatigue going on!

Otherwise, I enjoyed this.  It was my first time to where a weighted vest since the Army.

Running .. no worries there.  I like to run, and do so with a 13-15# backpack.

I used the 35# bar for the Push Press.   Lol .. didnt even know bars came that heavy!   This wasnt too bad .. but I could certainly feel the added weight about my shoulders and chest.

The Walking Lunges and Squats were fairly easy .. lol .. the first round.  After that, the quads and hams were heating up!

All total: 21 minutes, 56 seconds .. lol .. and I didnt cough up a lung!


It was a long weekend, so lots of time to drink, eat, recuperate, then drink and eat some more.

Coach Keefa took it easy on us today.  The ..

Warm Up

400 meter Run

50 Side Kicks

I did 110 Jump Ropes before the Run.


50 Dumbbell Thrusters

50 Hollow Ups

50 yard Sprint

I spoke with Keefa about the dumbbell weight, since I tend to the light side.  I started with 10# then chose 15#.  Honestly, I gotta get over the block in my head.

And “no”, its not a girls-who-lift-look-like-men block; more a not-sure-how-much-I-can-lift.

The first 10 Dumbbell Thrusters was tough, the second 10 even tougher.  The next 20 went by quickly, and the last 10 were somewhere inbetween, “Yea, almost there!“, and “Just get this OVER with!


The Hollow Ups were interesting.  Sandy showed me how todo these one day.  They are sort of a Navasana, but while holding a piece of PVC.  I like that, because it really targets the abs; so out of everything we did today, thats the one I feel the most now .. as I write this blog.

And, no sooner where they done, then I came off that mat like a rocket, to knock out the sprint.  So today was a good way to come back from a long weekend of no CrossFit or Yoga: Short, yet intense.

Ahhh .. nothing like starting a new month with a BANG!  Lol .. or a BUST .. after I saw what Keefa put up on the white board!

She started out simple ..

Warm Up – 5 min AMRAP

25 Jumping Jacks –> Bear Crawl –> 10 Squats –> Bear Crawl

25 High Knees –> Crab Walk –> 10 Squats –> Crab Walk

Ok .. these warm ups are easy.  Keefa usually recommends doing them at “half speed”, but I dont know what that means so just do them at whatever speed I got!    😀

But it was what followed that got us all worried!

WOD – 10 Rounds of Push Ups for Time

20 Double Unders

10 Regular Push Ups

20 Double Unders

10 Diamond Push Ups

20 Double Unders

10 Wide Arm Push Ups ..

.. and so on for Ten Different Types of Push Up!


The other Push Ups included: Judo Push Ups, Clapping Push Ups, Elbow Push Ups, Finger Tip Push Up, Knuckle Push Ups, Wide Feet Push Up, and 1-Leg Push Ups.  Again, all spaced with 20 Double Unders .. which means, for me, since I cant do a Double Under .. 60 Jump Ropes.

Lol .. I tell ya’, on those first few reps, I was really trying to squeeze in those Double Unders!  And I managed a few, but after the Wide Arm Push Ups, Im like, “Forget it .. just do the darn 60!”   😀

That last Push Up .. Keefa was wondering what other type to toss in.  I was quick to suggest the Supine Push Up.  Since she didnt know what it was, I was glad to explain.  A Supine Push Up is where you lay on your back and push air 10 times.  Lol .. Keefa was not fooled!

Oh well, I tried!     😀

Now .. I teach the Push Up in my Yoga classes; or, variations of the Push Up.  For example, a Regular Push Up is Chaturanga Dandasana – in both the full up right position, and hovering about an inch from the earth.  This is the typical Yoga Push Up.

The Judo Push Up was the ‘Hindu Push Up’, which has the rounded back.  I teach these in my classes and call them Cobra Hood.

The Clapping Push Up was not happening!

The Elbow Push Up is similar to the Makarasana (commonly called ‘Dolphin’ but closer to ‘Water Elephant’).

The Finger Tip Push Up I teach as a Downward Facing Dog on the finger tips, vinyasa (from Chaturanga to Adho Mukha Svanasana).

The Knuckle Push Up I teach as a modified push up, for those who have yet to develop wrist strength.

The Wide Feet Push Up is not something I teach.

And the 1-Leg Push Up is Eka Pada Chaturanga Dandasana, or ‘One Leg Four-Limb Staff Pose’, which is the same thing as a 1-Leg Push Up.   😉

Mind you .. just because I teach most of these in my Yoga classes, that doesnt mean I am able todo 100 of them!  In Yoga, they are spaced out, so we do one or two, then a few other poses, then one or two more Chaturangas, then a few other poses.

About half way through I was thinking, “I used todo these in the Army.  Come on, you used to be able todo 75-80 for the PT test!”  Well .. those days are past.  Time to work on that wonderful push up strength again!

Which is why I am thoroughly enjoying CrossFit .. its reminding me of things Ive always wanted todo, but havent kept up with.

So .. all total .. todays WOD amounted to: 600 Jump Ropes and 100 Push Ups in 12:46.  Not too bad for a 52 year young Yogini!

Coach Gene led us this morning and it was no messing around!  We started the ..

Warm Up

10 Flights of Stairs

Thats 1-up and 1-down = 1-flight!

I did double steps up, then singles down.  Half way through I was thinking, “I do this at home“, which is partially correct, living in a split level.  But 3/4s of the way through Im thinking, “Ok .. Im done with this!”   😀

Then, on to the ..

WOD – 15 Minutes

Burpee and Deadlift

This was an interesting WOD .. 1 Burpee and 1 Deadlift, then 2 Burpees and 2 Deadlifts, then 3 Burpees and 3 Deadlifts, and on for 15 minutes.

In Yoga, a Burpee is a Vinyasa with a Plavana; and that Deadlift is similar to how I teach the students to move from Malasana to Tadasana but with weights.  So both movements Im able to nail because of my 40+ Yoga experience.

As to the Burpee / Plavana .. I teach those plenty in my 7pm Yoga class .. which is a challenging class.  Plus, the Yoga version has more moves, so is longer.  Either way, enough of either one is enough to get the cardio revved up.

About half way through – 6 Burpees / 6 Deadlifts – I was thinking, “I like the Deadlifts better“.  Then around 10 Burpees / 10 Deadlifts thought, “No .. its the compliment of the two.  Like in my Yoga classes .. a Pose / Counterpose.”  Meaning, the two moves balance each other out.

All said and done, I finished with 55# @ 13 rounds + 6 Burpees.  Next time, it will be more!

I like the way Keefa designs the week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Conditioning, then Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are Strength.  Its a brilliant balance.  Cant ask for a better CrossFit coach!

So this morning Keefa writes on the board “10,000 lbs”.  So much for her being my favorite coach!    😀

First, we ..

Warm Up

100 Double Unders

20 Squats

20 Hip Extensions

Something else Ive noticed is how the Warm Up matches the WOD; which is yet another reason why I really like my affiliate .. it designs a supportive routine.  I write my Yoga routines this way, so that all the warm up at the start is prep for the ‘bigger’, more challenging Yoga poses.  Those students who have been training with me for 10 years or more, are able to tell “whats coming”, based on the warm up.  Lol .. no sneaking up on those experienced students!

So the ..

WOD – Lift 10,000 lbs AFAP, doing the following lifts




Scale = 5,000 lbs; 4,000 lbs; 3,000 lbs, and the like

Coach Gene worked with me today.  His first suggestion was that I go heavier than the 15# bar (which was my first choice).  As a Yogini, I have loads of strength for Yoga, and have no serious challenges in either the Warm Up or WOD, but when it comes to lifting, I am far less experienced.

Coach Gene suggested I go high, I tend to the low side because of unfamiliarity, so our conversation sounded like an auction .. dickering over a price (poundage)!   😀

We finally settled on 30#.  This means: 1 Squat, 1 Press and 1 Deadlift = one set, and I am trying to do as many sets as I can.

I wasnt particular fond of the order (Squat, Press, Deadlift); it seemed backwards to me, from a biomechanical perspective.  And Coach Gene agreed .. so I started with the Deadlift, followed that with a Squat, the pushed into the Press.  This brought me back down into the Deadlift, so I was always moving from bottom to top .. allowing me to pause and catch my breath at the bottom .. or regroup and get my head around the sequence and the technique.

In all my CrossFit I utilize Yoga Breathing, and the two work seamlessly together.  So here I was:

Inhale / grip the bar

Exhale / Deadlift

Inhale / Squat

Exhale / settle into that catch

Inhale / Pause

Exhale / Press

After a time, when I was feeling more confident with my technique, Coach Gene recommended I “move faster with the breath”.  This was an opportunity to rethink my breathing strategy, so I took out a few breaths.  Most of the last sets looked like this:

Inhale / grip the bar

Exhale / Deadlift

Inhale / Squat

Exhale / Press

Inhale / back to the floor, ready to begin again

It really quickened the pace in a way I was wholly comfortable with.  In all, it felt natural, more Yogic – meaning vinyasa, or “flowing with breath”.

Evenso, honestly, I wanted to give up a few times, but Coach Gene has a quiet since of encouragement about him that I respond well to, so I kept moving.  Even after I had thought I was done .. I continued .. and am glad I did.

When it was all said and done, I did 30 sets for 50 rounds.  And honestly, though I felt sore at the time, I think I could have done more.  Coach Gene was right.

Jumped out of bed this morning at 3:45am.  Following The Paleo Diet for Athletes, I had “protein and fruit” for breakfast (Brazil Nuts and Pineapple).

First thing in the door, Christina tells me that Keefa was thinking about doing a “100 rep WOD”, but she had changed her mind.  I asked her what that meant.  Basically, 100 Kips, 100 Kettleball Swings, 100 .. everything!

Im up for a challenge, just not that up yet!

So it was that we began our morning ..

Warm Out – Junkyard Dog

Which was a fun partner event, where your bud sat on the floor and you had to jump over their extended arms and legs (three jumps in one direction, then three jumps back = 1 rep).

Keefa explained it was called ‘junkyard dog’ because they were beat up and scraped up; so Im thinking, “Great!  Who’s getting beat and scraped here!

Then, on to the ..


Double Unders

Plank Walk

Handstand Push Up

Medicine Ball Cleans

I did my first CrossFit Tabata on Tuesday, but this was a bit different.  First, the exercises were not rotated, but done for the full eight reps – 20 seconds on, 10 second rest; then switch to the next exercise.

Starting with Double Unders is a disaster for me.  Coach Matt said Im, “That close“, and Im like, “Not close enough.”

So off I started, trying to get that close.  In all, I managed 4.  Lol .. I did, however, have 3 half ones .. but those dont count!

Plank Walk was easy .. a walking push up, side 2 side.

The Handstand Push Up I teach in Yoga, and in CrossFit, use three Ab Pads as a marker (the head is supposed to touch the floor).  The first 47 I got, after that, it was all down hill.  To include the last one, where it was more drop then controlled lower.  Final total = 67.

The Medicine Ball Clean was giving me some problems .. because Im still working on the biomechanical movement behind it.  I was using the 10lb Med Ball, which was a good thing, because early on my hams were humming.  I easily did 60+ Squats, but only 21 Medicine Ball Cleans.

All total .. another day of feeling really good; meaning, more energized and clear headed after the WOD.

Looking back over my blog Im able to see the big picture of my progress; most my strengths and areas that need more work.

This is my first solid week .. a full five days straight of CrossFit.  I feel great, and plan on relaxing this weekend (camping).  It will be interesting to see where the body and mind are at on Monday.

See ya’ll then!