Was watching some barefoot running videos this morning, where peeps are running on the hard packed sand of the beach at water’s edge.

I don’t advise it.  Best to start in the soft sand.  It has more shock absorption, and allows the body to acclimate to the concrete-like surface at water’s edge.

Running on the earth – dirt, grass, sand, rocks – is the best way to allow the foot to get familiar with its new found freedom of being un-caged.

Some of the vids I saw this morning showed nasty looking feet that were swollen, with puffy ankles and flattened arches.  This is *not* how they are supposed to look!  My feet – after years of barefoot running – are strong, flexible, non-swollen and with healthy arches.   Here are some examples of healthy barefoot running feet:

Barefoot Ken runs marathons .. and has healthy, non-swollen feet and ankles ..

Non-swollen running feet and ankles ..

More non-swollen feet and ankles ..

This brings us to the  Tarahumara (technically, the Ogumi) .. a tribe in Northern Mexico that I encountered and spent time with while backpacking/camping in the early ’80s.  Amazing human beings .. beautiful outlook on life.  They inspired me to explore barefoot running.  Oddly, they are rarely listed as “elite athletes” ..

Copper Canyon’s Ultra Marathon ..

The only peeps running barefoot in the early 80s – tmk & experience – were the Omugi (Tarahumara), so I learned what I could from their example.  Since the mid- to late-90s, barefoot running has hit the mainstream, becoming so popular that now there are ‘barefoot running shoes’ (Vibrams, Minimus, etc).

All these years later, I am still a  trail runner .. Rocks, Roots and Ruts Baby!   In fact, running and Yoga have been the two main physical currents of my life.   I always do Yoga barefoot, and when I run, I go both bare and with Vibrams (KSO .. thin/minimalist sole) .. five days a week.

Physical fitness begins with the sole ..

  1. Arnett Carpenter says:

    fabulous, good reading material here, I hope to begin barefoot running soon, your sites a inspiration!

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