Within moments of breathing deep – as in YogaWOD – stress hormones are burned off and endorphin levels are elevated. This combo takes all of us from down/depressed to feeling good, confident, capable and exuberant. Meaning, we become better able to interpret and so navigate the sources of stress. Life is good, and made easier with exercise!

But if your depressed, it’s really hard to get up and exercise .. let alone just move.

Often what we need in sadness is compassion .. for someone to care about us, to be concerned about us.  So if no one is around, it becomes very easy to slip deeper into depression.

All the more reason to be self-motivated, to truly power the self through the self.  After all, true love begins with self .. it must start from within.

Exercise helps us grow in self-confidence, it opens doors of creativity, it teaches us new approaches to old situations.  In short, it gives us solutions!

To begin, acknowledge that your unmotivated, unconcerned and just don’t-feel-like-it.

Then ask yourself if this is really who you are and want to be.  Sometimes it takes us not liking our self to realize how much we don’t want to be ‘that person’.

Next .. take little steps.  Change is best is small doses, like when a child first learns to walk.  During my darkest moments of depression .. I simply stopped, breathed deep, and took in my surroundings, whatever or wherever they were.  That moment of pause always brought a sense of calm abiding.

Find a friend to exercise with .. and if there is no one, consider the gym a great place to meet new friends.  Honestly, do you think you’re the only one who is sad and lonely?

Working out totally changes the body and mind.  For example, it gives your metabolism a boost, pumps up your cardiovascular system, releases loads of endorphins – giving you a ‘happiness rush’, relieves tension, reduces anxiety, helps us regain confidence, and aids us in a healthy and productive way.

Then, network with others where you exercise.  Let’s say you decide to walk in the park.  If so, then join that parks local social networking list, or find a local walking group.

In addition to adding exercise to your life, change your house as well.  Pick up the clutter, open the windows to let fresh air in, go out to lunch and eat by yourself, go to a shop you’ve never been in but thought about.  Do something different!

Treat yourself to something special because you are worth it .. indeed, you are worthy!


Live Deliberately!



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