Sorry about not posting in the last week, I’ve been very busy.

My YogaWOD was a huge success!

Locally, had the Candler Park CrossFitters come out, and some folk from CrossFit No Excuses.  Further afield, some hardcore folk drove down from Virginia just to attend my YogaWOD.  Likewise, some of my Yoga students took up the challenge.

It was a very good day!

I wont bore my readers with all the WODs Ive been doing (lol .. unless asked too).  Suffice it to say that I havent missed a day since my last entry.

Now that the most challenging part of YogaWOD is out of the way, Im hoping to take that show on the road to other CrossFit locations.  If interested .. do let me know!  Id love to come to your box and share the value of ROM and DROM – and how it benefits strength and endurance.

Meanwhile, here is my inspiration of the day .. Annie Thorisdottir .. Fittest Woman on Earth!  And .. Thor’s Daughter in Workout 4 ..







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