Conditioning day.  I like the cardio, but then I enjoy running.  I was hesitant when I first started CrossFit .. running on asphalt, which is something I have avoided since I left the Army.  But .. my knees have not been bothering me.  I imagine three explanations for this:

1-Wearing Vibrams;

2-Seeking the best diet for CF;

3-Doing CrossFit.

So .. to start the morning (already 79d outside at 5am!) ..


25 Double Unders

20 Sit Ups

10 Hip Extensions

10 Squats

Still no Double Unders here; though, I am starting to sneak in the occasional 4 or 8.  Mostly I do the 3 for 1, so in this case, 75.  Because I like jumping rope to warm up, I had already done 110 before I did the 75.


800 meter Run

50 Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPU)

800 meter Run

I used two abmats to judge the touchdown point for my head (I used to use three).  Which is not to say I touch down every time with two abmats; better to say Im somewhere in between 2 and 3.  Lol .. which is not to say I touch down every time .. but I can do about half (ok .. maybe 1/4 .. but Im getting there).


Total time: 10:00 minutes even.

When I finished, I did another 50 HDPU, and didnt even focus on the abmats .. just the drop, shoulder lock, then push back up.

Coach Keefa showed me a Kip to lift back up.  Interesting technique .. and it makes sense.  For example, in my additional 50, about 20 of those I did in Scorpion Pose because they are easier when the center of gravity is lowered.  The Kip move that Keefa showed me did just that: Dropped the legs into what I would call a Cobbler (Urdhva Baddha Konasana), then kicked them back up.  So .. lowering the gravity line to assist the lift.  Thats how I teach Yoga.

Ive never done 50 Hand Stand Push Ups before .. so lets see how I feel today during Yoga classes!

This mornings CrossFit. I like the cardio (in my vibrams). HSPU = Handstand Push Up. When I was finished with the second run (after time), I did another 50. I can break the plane ever so often .. lol .. but more ‘ever so’ than often! 😀


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