Whoot!   Havent worn a weighted vest since the Army .. and they called it a LBE and Flak Vest.  Lots ‘o Running, Push Pressing, Squats, Lunges and .. what’s up with those Rings!?!   Oh yea .. its a CrossFit morning!


Warm Up

25 Jumping Jacks

10 Squats

10 Push Ups

25 Double Unders

~ ~ ~

WOD – 3 Rounds w/20# Weighted Vest

400 meter Run

15 Ring Dips

20 Push Press

25 Walking Lunges

30 Squats

Ring Dips are tough.  Not just the movement, and suspending one’s bodyweight, but keeping the alignment.  Lots of concentration during fatigue going on!

Otherwise, I enjoyed this.  It was my first time to where a weighted vest since the Army.

Running .. no worries there.  I like to run, and do so with a 13-15# backpack.

I used the 35# bar for the Push Press.   Lol .. didnt even know bars came that heavy!   This wasnt too bad .. but I could certainly feel the added weight about my shoulders and chest.

The Walking Lunges and Squats were fairly easy .. lol .. the first round.  After that, the quads and hams were heating up!

All total: 21 minutes, 56 seconds .. lol .. and I didnt cough up a lung!


  1. Bemymom says:

    Love your site. Wish I’d kept a journal when I started. You are reminding me to stop and look back to the gains I have made (on those bad days I forget). Ive also gained weight and got lazy, so your blog is motivating me to get back on it! I have been on Zone but am considering switching to Paleo after reading your experience. Do you have any more recipes?

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