Week 7, Day 25

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Workout Log
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The whiteboard read ..

Warm Up

800 M Run 😀

Lol .. who can resist a smiley run!?

Sore from yesterday’s WOD.  Woke up crawling outta bed.  Sore when I got to CrossFit Iconz.  Lol .. must mean its time for more CrossFit!

Coach Gene likes to keep it simple.  Which sounds easy .. but .. his simple is mostly intense.  (Yea .. I remember that ‘run the stairs’ warm up’!)

WOD – 21 . 15 . 9 . Timed

1-Bench Press, 50% – 100% of Bodyweight

2-Strict Pull Up

First thing, I let everyone know that, this morning, I work up weighing 90lbs!


Turns out, I ended up lifting less than half of that!

Honestly, I gotta get some upper body strength.  Ive got good Yoga upper body strength, but no CrossFit upper body strength.

So with 40#, I start 21 Bench Presses, then try todo 21 Pull Ups.  Thanks Coach Gene for help me with more than a few lifts!  Just looking over the top of that bar was exciting .. and motivational .. so I appreciate the nudge/lift.

But .. before I even got that far, it took us probably 10 minutes to figure out which rubber band I would use under my knee.  We ended up using two (note to self: the blue and purple).

For the second round, 15 Bench Presses and Pull Ups.  Then the third round, where, dont let that lower number fool you ..  this is where fatigue sets in.

The Bench Press I did alright with, having done them in the Army.  In Yoga, we press our body weight, so with hands on the floor – in Peacock / Mayurasana, for example – I can support my full 126lbs for 2-3 minutes.

In all .. I liked the combination of pushing weight upwards (bench press), then lifting weight upwards (pull up) .. its a sound muscle group combination .. one that I often use in Yoga, so can really appreciate the thought and benefit behind it.

Honestly, I gotta get some upper body strength!

Yea, yea .. I hear myself telling my students, “Dont feel bad.  Remember, women have 55% less upper body strength than men“.  And in Yoga .. I have some serious arm strength.  So .. I just gotta work on the CrossFit upper body stuff.

Final time:  5 minutes, 5 seconds

But .. I wasnt finished.  I decided to keep going.  So I started at 21 reps again on the Bench Press, then got to about 9 on the Pull Ups when I decided I was done!  I did, however, take the weight off the bar and worked on a few more Bench Presses.  Coach Gene used that as an opportunity to have me lower my knees, engaging the abs (I like doing the BP with curled knees, in my chest).

Everyday at CrossFit is another day to realize a new goal!


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