Week Seven, Day 23

Posted: July 5, 2011 in Workout Log
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It was a long weekend, so lots of time to drink, eat, recuperate, then drink and eat some more.

Coach Keefa took it easy on us today.  The ..

Warm Up

400 meter Run

50 Side Kicks

I did 110 Jump Ropes before the Run.


50 Dumbbell Thrusters

50 Hollow Ups

50 yard Sprint

I spoke with Keefa about the dumbbell weight, since I tend to the light side.  I started with 10# then chose 15#.  Honestly, I gotta get over the block in my head.

And “no”, its not a girls-who-lift-look-like-men block; more a not-sure-how-much-I-can-lift.

The first 10 Dumbbell Thrusters was tough, the second 10 even tougher.  The next 20 went by quickly, and the last 10 were somewhere inbetween, “Yea, almost there!“, and “Just get this OVER with!


The Hollow Ups were interesting.  Sandy showed me how todo these one day.  They are sort of a Navasana, but while holding a piece of PVC.  I like that, because it really targets the abs; so out of everything we did today, thats the one I feel the most now .. as I write this blog.

And, no sooner where they done, then I came off that mat like a rocket, to knock out the sprint.  So today was a good way to come back from a long weekend of no CrossFit or Yoga: Short, yet intense.


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