Ahhh .. nothing like starting a new month with a BANG!  Lol .. or a BUST .. after I saw what Keefa put up on the white board!

She started out simple ..

Warm Up – 5 min AMRAP

25 Jumping Jacks –> Bear Crawl –> 10 Squats –> Bear Crawl

25 High Knees –> Crab Walk –> 10 Squats –> Crab Walk

Ok .. these warm ups are easy.  Keefa usually recommends doing them at “half speed”, but I dont know what that means ..lol.. so just do them at whatever speed I got!    😀

But it was what followed that got us all worried!

WOD – 10 Rounds of Push Ups for Time

20 Double Unders

10 Regular Push Ups

20 Double Unders

10 Diamond Push Ups

20 Double Unders

10 Wide Arm Push Ups ..

.. and so on for Ten Different Types of Push Up!


The other Push Ups included: Judo Push Ups, Clapping Push Ups, Elbow Push Ups, Finger Tip Push Up, Knuckle Push Ups, Wide Feet Push Up, and 1-Leg Push Ups.  Again, all spaced with 20 Double Unders .. which means, for me, since I cant do a Double Under .. 60 Jump Ropes.

Lol .. I tell ya’, on those first few reps, I was really trying to squeeze in those Double Unders!  And I managed a few, but after the Wide Arm Push Ups, Im like, “Forget it .. just do the darn 60!”   😀

That last Push Up .. Keefa was wondering what other type to toss in.  I was quick to suggest the Supine Push Up.  Since she didnt know what it was, I was glad to explain.  A Supine Push Up is where you lay on your back and push air 10 times.  Lol .. Keefa was not fooled!

Oh well, I tried!     😀

Now .. I teach the Push Up in my Yoga classes; or, variations of the Push Up.  For example, a Regular Push Up is Chaturanga Dandasana – in both the full up right position, and hovering about an inch from the earth.  This is the typical Yoga Push Up.

The Judo Push Up was the ‘Hindu Push Up’, which has the rounded back.  I teach these in my classes and call them Cobra Hood.

The Clapping Push Up was not happening!

The Elbow Push Up is similar to the Makarasana (commonly called ‘Dolphin’ but closer to ‘Water Elephant’).

The Finger Tip Push Up I teach as a Downward Facing Dog on the finger tips, vinyasa (from Chaturanga to Adho Mukha Svanasana).

The Knuckle Push Up I teach as a modified push up, for those who have yet to develop wrist strength.

The Wide Feet Push Up is not something I teach.

And the 1-Leg Push Up is Eka Pada Chaturanga Dandasana, or ‘One Leg Four-Limb Staff Pose’, which is the same thing as a 1-Leg Push Up.   😉

Mind you .. just because I teach most of these in my Yoga classes, that doesnt mean I am able todo 100 of them!  In Yoga, they are spaced out, so we do one or two, then a few other poses, then one or two more Chaturangas, then a few other poses.

About half way through I was thinking, “I used todo these in the Army.  Come on, you used to be able todo 75-80 for the PT test!”  Well .. those days are past.  Time to work on that wonderful push up strength again!

Which is why I am thoroughly enjoying CrossFit .. its reminding me of things Ive always wanted todo, but havent kept up with.

So .. all total .. todays WOD amounted to: 600 Jump Ropes and 100 Push Ups in 12:46.  Not too bad for a 52 year young Yogini!


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