I like the way Keefa designs the week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Conditioning, then Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are Strength.  Its a brilliant balance.  Cant ask for a better CrossFit coach!

So this morning Keefa writes on the board “10,000 lbs”.  So much for her being my favorite coach!    😀

First, we ..

Warm Up

100 Double Unders

20 Squats

20 Hip Extensions

Something else Ive noticed is how the Warm Up matches the WOD; which is yet another reason why I really like my affiliate .. it designs a supportive routine.  I write my Yoga routines this way, so that all the warm up at the start is prep for the ‘bigger’, more challenging Yoga poses.  Those students who have been training with me for 10 years or more, are able to tell “whats coming”, based on the warm up.  Lol .. no sneaking up on those experienced students!

So the ..

WOD – Lift 10,000 lbs AFAP, doing the following lifts




Scale = 5,000 lbs; 4,000 lbs; 3,000 lbs, and the like

Coach Gene worked with me today.  His first suggestion was that I go heavier than the 15# bar (which was my first choice).  As a Yogini, I have loads of strength for Yoga, and have no serious challenges in either the Warm Up or WOD, but when it comes to lifting, I am far less experienced.

Coach Gene suggested I go high, I tend to the low side because of unfamiliarity, so our conversation sounded like an auction .. dickering over a price (poundage)!   😀

We finally settled on 30#.  This means: 1 Squat, 1 Press and 1 Deadlift = one set, and I am trying to do as many sets as I can.

I wasnt particular fond of the order (Squat, Press, Deadlift); it seemed backwards to me, from a biomechanical perspective.  And Coach Gene agreed .. so I started with the Deadlift, followed that with a Squat, the pushed into the Press.  This brought me back down into the Deadlift, so I was always moving from bottom to top .. allowing me to pause and catch my breath at the bottom .. or regroup and get my head around the sequence and the technique.

In all my CrossFit I utilize Yoga Breathing, and the two work seamlessly together.  So here I was:

Inhale / grip the bar

Exhale / Deadlift

Inhale / Squat

Exhale / settle into that catch

Inhale / Pause

Exhale / Press

After a time, when I was feeling more confident with my technique, Coach Gene recommended I “move faster with the breath”.  This was an opportunity to rethink my breathing strategy, so I took out a few breaths.  Most of the last sets looked like this:

Inhale / grip the bar

Exhale / Deadlift

Inhale / Squat

Exhale / Press

Inhale / back to the floor, ready to begin again

It really quickened the pace in a way I was wholly comfortable with.  In all, it felt natural, more Yogic – meaning vinyasa, or “flowing with breath”.

Evenso, honestly, I wanted to give up a few times, but Coach Gene has a quiet since of encouragement about him that I respond well to, so I kept moving.  Even after I had thought I was done .. I continued .. and am glad I did.

When it was all said and done, I did 30 sets for 50 rounds.  And honestly, though I felt sore at the time, I think I could have done more.  Coach Gene was right.


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