Coach Gene led us this morning and it was no messing around!  We started the ..

Warm Up

10 Flights of Stairs

Thats 1-up and 1-down = 1-flight!

I did double steps up, then singles down.  Half way through I was thinking, “I do this at home“, which is partially correct, living in a split level.  But 3/4s of the way through Im thinking, “Ok .. Im done with this!”   😀

Then, on to the ..

WOD – 15 Minutes

Burpee and Deadlift

This was an interesting WOD .. 1 Burpee and 1 Deadlift, then 2 Burpees and 2 Deadlifts, then 3 Burpees and 3 Deadlifts, and on for 15 minutes.

In Yoga, a Burpee is a Vinyasa with a Plavana; and that Deadlift is similar to how I teach the students to move from Malasana to Tadasana but with weights.  So both movements Im able to nail because of my 40+ Yoga experience.

As to the Burpee / Plavana .. I teach those plenty in my 7pm Yoga class .. which is a challenging class.  Plus, the Yoga version has more moves, so is longer.  Either way, enough of either one is enough to get the cardio revved up.

About half way through – 6 Burpees / 6 Deadlifts – I was thinking, “I like the Deadlifts better“.  Then around 10 Burpees / 10 Deadlifts thought, “No .. its the compliment of the two.  Like in my Yoga classes .. a Pose / Counterpose.”  Meaning, the two moves balance each other out.

All said and done, I finished with 55# @ 13 rounds + 6 Burpees.  Next time, it will be more!


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