Wow!  Twenty days of CrossFit!  Lol .. remember when I was worried about doing a double day!?  😀

Im really diggn’ the morning Warm Up, thought still adding my own YogaWOD into the mix.  At first I was thinking more like a Yoga routine todo with the Warm Up, but now I base it on what the WOD is.  This way, its more routine specific; but then, Ive gone so far as to create some awesome YogaWODs!

Warm Up

100 Jumping Jacks

40 High Kicks

10 Squats

10 Hip Extensions

~ ~ ~


1000 meter Row

25 Box Jumps, 24″

50 Wall Balls, 20/14#

25 GHD Sit Ups

800 meter Run

I like the Cardio / Conditioning / Cardio combo because its similar to what I do when trail running.  When I hit the trail, I will jog to warm up for the first 2 miles, do some Yoga, run about another 2 miles, stop, do more Yoga, and the like.  And this is always with Yoga Running ™ I also like to play .. climb trees, jump from rock to rock, forge streams, charge hills, and the like.

Today was challenging, but I like that .. a good challenge.  I like looking at the white board and going, “No way!”, then completing the challenge and having that rush of, “Yeah!  I did it!”

My scaling today was using the 12″ box, and the 12# Med Ball.  All total: 18 minutes and 12 seconds.

I like the Medicine Ball throw and squat combination.  Really like that upper and lower body intensity.  Plus, Ive been using that 12# Med Ball since I started .. I think its time to move it up.


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