YogaWOD™ – Putting the OM back into DROM!

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Yoga + CrossFit
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I am pleased to announce a date for our long awaited workshop:

YogaWOD – Yoga for CrossFit and Power Athletes

This is not your mother’s tofu Yoga, but Real Yoga for Athletes.  YogaWOD™ will help improve your foundation and define the key biomechanics that assist and maintain that foundation.  YogaWOD will improve joint range of motion and muscle flexibility for increased strength, smoother lifting, overall coordination, and fluidity of movement, while cultivating patience, honoring the hint of pain, stimulating detoxification, and promoting ready recovery.

YogaWOD focuses on ancient biomechanic warrior techniques and efficiency of movement that fully immerses the athlete into any activity.  Incorporated into your CrossFit routine, it will:

Normalize Endocrine function,

Increase Musculoskeletal Flexibility and Joint Range,

Improve Dexterity,

Heighten Energy levels,

Decrease Pain,

Hone Balance,

Focus Motivation and Determination, and

Harness the Body, Mind and Breath to achieve your goal.

YogaWOD also has psychological effects, such as improved mood, and reduction of post workout depression (due to elevated heartrate and rapid breathing); it is a highly effective and time tested method of getting out of the Funk and into the Flow.

YogaWOD will increase recovery time, strengthen the muscles in an even manner, assist injury rehabilitation, and create equalibium in the musculoskeletal system.

YogaWOD™ is open to CrossFit Iconz members and NON members alike, so grab a friend and spread the word because space is limited.  YogaWOD is Strength, Flexibility and Endurance, something we all can benefit from!  So lets energize, align and discover why many professional athletes use Yoga to up their game – both performance and recovery.

Saturday, 30 July

Register Today .. Space is Limited!


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