As soon as I bought The Paleo Diet for Athletes yesterday, I read almost half the book and every meal thereafter was based on the science found there.

Likewise, first thing this morning (Thursday, 23 June), I started with a suggested Paleo breakfast (protein and fruit); and made a post-workout smoothie based on a recipe formula found there (cashews, apple, banana, hemp and water).

At CrossFit Iconz, we started with ..

Warm Up – 5 min AMRAP

10 Squats / Skip Mat 2 Mat / 10 Jumping Jacks / Skip Mat 2 Mat

10 Hollow Rocks / Skip Mat 2 Mat / 10 Push Ups / Skip Mat 2 Mat

Then, right into the ..


Clean and Jerk

2 . 2 . 2 . 2 . 1 . 1 . 1

This is one of those ‘codes’ Ive yet to decipher, mainly because it hasnt been a firsthand experience.  No more!

First, Keefa went over the Clean & Jerk with me.  Its rather similar to the DeadLift .. but more complex, having more ‘parts’ or movements.  Overall, I like how it includes the upper and lower body, twice.  There is a squat and lift (lower / upper), then a get-under and overhead (lower / upper).  I also learned its one of the Olympic lifts.  Here is a solid example of the Clean and Jerk ..

The series of eight numbers are a set, and the numbers themselves repetitions.  So I did the Clean and Jerk, all total, eleven (11) times.  Ideally, you start with one weight and see how much you can progress, or add weight on.

Keefa started me with 35lbs, which I have already been lifting during the WODs.  I did that twice.

Then the second set was also 35lbs .. allowing me to work on the technique.

For the third set we added 2.5lbs per end, so I was lifting 40lbs; and by the fourth set of two reps I lifted 45lbs.

Keefa explained that the last three singular lifts are an opportunity to establish a PB, or personal best; so for the next set I lifted 50lbs.

I felt good with that, so we added another five pounds to the bar, and I was able to lift that (55lbs).  So it was that in the last set, all the previous reps caught up with me.  That weight simply was not going overhead!

I was able to get it off the floor (Clean), but lifting it overhead (Jerk) was simply not happening!  Lol .. I even tried a few times.

So it was that my final result, for the last set of one rep, was a “Fail”.  Lol .. in red letters no less!

Keefa did, however, mark down a smiley face above the 55# mark that I was able to lift; but I tell you .. that ‘fail’ just motivates me to try harder!

All said and done: I feel the modification I made in my diet has helped with my energy level, the brain drain, and recovery.  Though napping in the afternoon, I sleep great at night, and feel energetic all day.

Im having a blast!


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