Fifth Week = Full Week

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Workout Log
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Jumped out of bed this morning at 3:45am.  Following The Paleo Diet for Athletes, I had “protein and fruit” for breakfast (Brazil Nuts and Pineapple).

First thing in the door, Christina tells me that Keefa was thinking about doing a “100 rep WOD”, but she had changed her mind.  I asked her what that meant.  Basically, 100 Kips, 100 Kettleball Swings, 100 .. everything!

Im up for a challenge, just not that up yet!

So it was that we began our morning ..

Warm Out – Junkyard Dog

Which was a fun partner event, where your bud sat on the floor and you had to jump over their extended arms and legs (three jumps in one direction, then three jumps back = 1 rep).

Keefa explained it was called ‘junkyard dog’ because they were beat up and scraped up; so Im thinking, “Great!  Who’s getting beat and scraped here!

Then, on to the ..


Double Unders

Plank Walk

Handstand Push Up

Medicine Ball Cleans

I did my first CrossFit Tabata on Tuesday, but this was a bit different.  First, the exercises were not rotated, but done for the full eight reps – 20 seconds on, 10 second rest; then switch to the next exercise.

Starting with Double Unders is a disaster for me.  Coach Matt said Im, “That close“, and Im like, “Not close enough.”

So off I started, trying to get that close.  In all, I managed 4.  Lol .. I did, however, have 3 half ones .. but those dont count!

Plank Walk was easy .. a walking push up, side 2 side.

The Handstand Push Up I teach in Yoga, and in CrossFit, use three Ab Pads as a marker (the head is supposed to touch the floor).  The first 47 I got, after that, it was all down hill.  To include the last one, where it was more drop then controlled lower.  Final total = 67.

The Medicine Ball Clean was giving me some problems .. because Im still working on the biomechanical movement behind it.  I was using the 10lb Med Ball, which was a good thing, because early on my hams were humming.  I easily did 60+ Squats, but only 21 Medicine Ball Cleans.

All total .. another day of feeling really good; meaning, more energized and clear headed after the WOD.

Looking back over my blog Im able to see the big picture of my progress; most my strengths and areas that need more work.

This is my first solid week .. a full five days straight of CrossFit.  I feel great, and plan on relaxing this weekend (camping).  It will be interesting to see where the body and mind are at on Monday.

See ya’ll then!


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