Here it is, Week Five, Day Fifteen .. my first triple CrossFit Day!


Lol .. I started tired.  I simply did not sleep enough; mostly due to over napping from yesterday’s first Double Day.

Being the trooper that I am .. I forged ahead.

Warm Up

50 Jumping Jacks

25 High Knees

Crab Walk (Mat 2 Mat)

10 Hip/Back Extensions

10 Squats

WOD – For Time, 20 Minute Cap

Row 20 Calories

30 Burpees

40 2-Arm Dumbbell, Ground 2 Overhead 45#/35#

50 Toes 2 Bar

100′ Overhead Walking Lunge 45#/25#

100′ Sprint

Coach Keefa, as always, walked us through each round, helping us scale.  She also explained how this was one of the ‘game events’ (modified).  Lol .. well, it got modified some more.

There is no way I am able (YET) to clean a 35# DB in EACH hand!

And those 50 Toes 2 Bar .. which are, like, hanging Jack Knifes .. Yikes!

So today’s little box of chocolate pick was soft on the edges, hard and crunchy in the middle!

I had a new workout partner today .. Christina.  Who basically glided through the WOD like she was on a cake walk.  However, no motivation could get me moving faster than ‘slow’ this morning.  I was that tired!

Which prompted me todo two things today:

-Read more than a few chapters in The Paleo Solution, and

-Buy a copy of The Paleo Diet for Athletes.

Its been a rainy day .. so a good day to read and learn more about fueling the CrossFit beastie.

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