Whats up with the inability to think clearly after a strenuous workout?

Ive noticed this before, right after a particular challenging CrossFit session .. while Im trying to breathe slower, to get my heart to ease up a bit, the brain is fried.

I could probably bark out ‘name, rank and serial number’ , but then I have over six years of practice with that!  Anything else, however .. forget it!

Surely, others experience this as well.

Yea .. so forget talking!  In that first few minutes, Im not quite speechless, just dont make much sense.  Sure, basic sentences with head bobbing, but dont ask me something complicated .. ’cause its not gonna happen!

So .. what is up with that?  I tried to google ‘brain fog’ and ‘brain drain’, and other combinations with ‘strenuous workout’, but found nothing.

If one of you readers know .. please clue me in! .. to include if there is a way to mitigate it.  Again, it doesnt last long – maybe a minute – but in that window, the brain is unable to think clearly.

Ok .. so .. my first double day!  Yea!  And it just happened to be a Tabata – boy can I pick ’em!

As a runner, Ive used both Tabata and Fartleks .. both good examples of interval training that I really enjoy, because they are fun!  Plus, both suit my approach to running; namely, continuous intensity with varied speed.  In fact, my Fartleks often end with something very similar to the Tabata ratio.

Eitherway, Ive never done it in relation to weightlifting.  In this case, Deadlifts.

So Monday was the Hang Squat Cleans, and today – well, this double day has been a double tap on the quads and hams.

Coach Keefa started me on 35#, and because I answered “Easy” to her question of, “Hows that feel?“, she added 10 more pounds.

My first reaction was, “On both ends!” .. you know, in a high pitched panic kinda voice!  Luckily it was just 5# per end.

So .. todays ..

Warm Up – 7 min AMRAP

10 Squats / Broad Jump (to the mat’s end) / 10 Push Ups / Broad Jump back

20 Double Unders (or 60 Jump Ropes) / Lunges / 10 Sit Ups / Lunges back


Tabata Deadlifts

Once again, Stephanie was an aspiration .. she had 105# on the bar for 50 reps.  She said I did good, but she was lifting 21# shy of my body weight .. so I was impressed!

The Tabata was all-out Deadlifts for 20 seconds, with a 10 second rest, repeat; for eight (8) rounds.

My rounds were:

10 . 10 . 9 . 9 . 11 . 12 . 11 . 12

I was truly surprised todo more at the end .. so will chalk it up to being more comfortable with the Deadlift, being really warm after the first four rounds, and numbing repetition.

Which is what left me dumbstruck at the end .. unable to even add my own reps!  Crazy.

All total I did 55# at 84 reps.

Afterwards I could feel my hams tightening, so did some Yoga poses .. Warriors and Hanumanasan .. which helped immensely!

But were were not finished!  Coach Keefa had us play a CrossFit Kids game .. Musical Medicine Ball.  She laid out sprint markers which we Crab Walked around while the music was playing; when it stopped we had to be butt down on the medball (in the center of the markers).

In all .. it was a fun morning.  Much hotter than I have been used to, since all my workouts have been at 5:30am, but fun none the less.

Lets see what tomorrow brings ..


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