When I started CF, I would come home and basically collapse in exhaustion.  Then, for the rest of the day, have low energy, so found myself sleeping a lot.

Now I come home from CF and feel supercharged and ready to go, like there is something else I need to be doing.

The hands are still healing from the skin tearing on Wednesday (doing the Burpees with Knees2Elbows), so I wore my biking gloves today.  The padding is not as thick as in weightlifting gloves.  They certainly earned their place today, between the Bear Crawls and Rope Pull Ups.

Today’s Warm Up

100 Jumping Jacks

(I started with 100 Jump Ropes, and did them non-stop; then did the JJs)

2 Mat2Mat Bear Crawls

(I like these, though always feel Im going to fall forward.  Was thinking this morning, thats because my legs are moving in larger strides than my arms.)

15 Supermans

(Too easy .. I teach this in Yoga .. actually, an entire lower back routine (Salabhasana / Locust Pose.)


(I worked on the Splits, which seems to work well in CF; and DownDog Roll Over.  I need to find something to really stretch the arms here.)

WOD – 2 Minute Speed Drills

400 meter Row

50 Push Ups

50 Sit Ups

60 Squats

5 Rope Pulls

400 meter Run

As Im reading the above on the board Im thinking, “Oh .. this looks doable.”   Then Sandy comes up and starts talking about it and I said, “It doesnt look that hard.”  She gives me the are-you-crazy look, then points out that it was “2 Minute Speed Drills”.

Not knowing what that was, I glossed over it for the exercises.  When that little caveat set in, it occurred to me this was more challenging than my first impression.

The Rope Pulls were different .. but then, our Junior and High School never had the rope climb.  So after Keefa demonstrates how that is done, she explains how we can choose our order.  Immediately Im thinking like a little kid at dinner, “Eat all the yucky stuff first, save the good stuff for last!

So it was that I started with the Row, then followed with Squats.

Then I thought, “Ok .. I need to breathe here!”, so went with the Sit Ups.

Since both the Rope Pull and Push Ups are arms, and the rope was new to me, I chose the Rope Pulls first, then the Push Ups.

This let me finish up with the Run .. which, as a runner, was my ‘best for last’.

The Run was tough at the end, but it felt good to be outside in the cool morning air, so by the time I got back, I was tired in a good way.  Fresh air does the body good!

All total, I felt good afterwards.  In fact, better than good .. I feel great.  I think Im definitely ready for more days.


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