As I mentioned in a previous post, I think Im ready for more days.

I spoke with Keefa about it this morning .. that and the sleep question.

Today is Week Four, Day 12 of CrossFit; and Week 5, Day 31 on the Paleo Diet.

My weight has remained at 127 for about 2 weeks now (after its crazy fluctuation when I started following the formula found in Paleo eating).  I started at 125, as a Live Vegan, and would describe my body as ‘sinewy’.  Plus two pounds I would describe myself today as “solid” or “strong and defined”.  I am certainly seeing more muscle definition.  As a Yogini, martial artist, and runner, the definition has always been there, but at 125 it was not nearly defined as it is now.

Had a great Warm Up and WOD today .. or at least, I felt great .. really on the ball, though still scaling the WOD.

Warm Up

400 meter Run

(I felt loose this morning; felt like I do when I run trails .. breezy and easy.)

15 Squats

15 Ab Sit Ups

15 Hip / Back Extensions

WOD – 2 Rounds, ‘The Ripper’

50 Burpees, Knees 2 Elbows

(This was the ‘ripper’ part for me .. the first time I ripped the skin on my hands during CrossFit.  I dont like it, Im going to try the gloves next time.  Otherwise, the Burpee part is similar to what I do in Yoga .. Downward Dog jumps to Leaping Lizards [my variation of Utthan Pristhasana: arms straight, jump 1-leg to wide/outside lunge, alternate sides].  My challenge here was jumping with both legs, which we do in Yoga, but after about 20 Burpees .. it wasnt happening any more.)

40 GHD Sit Ups

(I love these .. with the reverse/backbend.  Do these in Yoga on the Ball, or in Wheel Poses [‘backbends’].)

30 Double Unders

(I simply told myself not to bother with the double under, since its such a challenge for me, so went straight to 90 jumps .. which I did [both times] none stop.  Getting good, endurance wise, with the singles, the doubles need more work.)

20 Jumping Squats

(Keefa kept saying, “Its all downhill from here“, meaning after the Burpees, and I agree.  After the Burpees with K2E, the routine was less challenging.)

10 Tire Flips

(My first since the Army when I was in the ‘300 Club’.  I had the small tire .. I think it weighed 75#.  Very impressed with Stephanie’s 150# (or +) tire .. something to work towards!)

So after the first round Im like, “Breathe .. Gulp Water .. Breathe .. Gulp Water“.  Then I look over and Matt’s back to Burpees and Im thinking, “Hardcore“, when it all came back .. this is TWO ROUNDS!  Oh no!  More Burpees!

My hands were already missing skin from the tape wrapped on the bars, so Im not real thrilled with adding chalk to an open wound then doing more damage .. but, hey, I signed on for this.  So I started on round two.

I did the Burpees in sets of 10 .. it seemed easier to me.  So that Im thinking, “No water till 10“, and “You can take a breath after 10“.

After that, the rest really was easy.  Which is not to say I was not tired and gasping for air, just that the rest is nothing compared to the Burpees with Knees2Elbows.

All done at 25:13 (with the small tire).

Thoughts ..

Was thinking of going again tomorrow – so it would be my first double-day of CrossFit – but with my hands .. Im not sure.  As is, Ive been putting coconut oil on them, which is messy because it melts at skin temp.  Ive been wondering about putting bandages on them, then gloves on top, because tomorrow (if I go) is a weight day.

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