Week Four, Day Ten, Beer and the Clock

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Workout Log
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Was a bit concerned this morning about yesterdays beer .. I had four Newcastle Brown Ales.  Its the first alcohol Ive had since following the Paleo format of protien + fruit .. 29 days ago .. so dont feel bad at all.

I drank loads of water afterwards, and during the night, when waking up, drank more.  This morning at CF .. I felt fine.

Warm Up
-500m Row
2 Rounds of:
-15 Squats
-15 Hip Extensions adn 15 Sit Ups (GRD)

21 – 15 – 9
Thrusters and Push Ups

My weight was 35# .. which seems to be a good weight for me right now.  In the beginning its fairly easy, but after 10 reps I start feeling the burn.  Its enough that I can still focus on my technique .. which is important to me.

The Clock ..
At first, the clock was a way to ‘race’, both against myself and those in the gym with me.  Then the clock was a ‘deterrent’, or something that was a bother.  Now I see it as a tool to keep my moving.

So these perspectives reflect my initial, middle and current viewpoint / relationship with the clock.

I have yet to repeat a workout, so there is no time I can go back and compare myself to.

What Ive noticed before was that I was trying to race against the clock, so forfeited form / technique.  Not a good idea.

Now Im more relaxed with the clock; again, seeing it as a tool or a motivator to keep moving.


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