Our Warm Up this morning was a ..

-400 meter Run

-50 Jumping Jacks

-20 Hip Extensions and 20 Back Extensions (on the GHD), and

-20 Sit Ups

All of which was easy for me, which means I am getting used to the early morning, heavy physical activity, and am doing the right things with my diet.

The WOD was ..

4 Rounds

-250 meter Medicine Ball (MB) Sprint

-30 MB Mountain Climbers

-25 MB V-Ups

These last two are Yoga poses I am familiar with.

The Mountain Climbers, in Yoga, are Leaping Lizards, or Utthan Plavana Pristhasana.   The difference here is the jump (plavana), which is wide and on the outside of the hands, and at the same level as the hands.

The V-Ups are Boat Pose, or Navasana.   The difference here is the slow intensity; meaning, there is no quick lift and lower, but slow and controlled movement.

And of course, the biggest difference was that, in Yoga, we dont use Medicine Balls!

I really liked this combination of Run, MC and V-Ups, so have been working on a modification for my Yoga students.   Something like: Sun Salutation, Leaping Lizard and Boat.   The challenge is the transition – which I am very keen on in my Yoga classes.   Meaning: I emphasize a ‘smooth’ or easy transition from one pose / asana to another, which often includes other asanas.   So when I get it worked out, it may include more than three exercises.

Eitherway, all total – the Warm Up and WOD – did wear me out enough to take a 2 hour nap around noon (after lunch).   But this morning (updating my training log on Saturday, 11 June), I feel fine.   Lol .. even after two progressive Yoga classes yesterday, at 5 and 7pm.   The 5pm Yoga class included loads of lunges and hip openers (like Pigeon and Hanuman).   Then the 7pm was one hour of Sun Salutations (5 different ones, done 3 times each in a progression, for a total of 27 (different/varying degree of difficulty) Surya Namaskaras).   Now, the thing with these Sun Salutations is the Chaturanga Dandasana, so all total, I did about 60 Push Ups.


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