Week Three, Day Eight, My First Hero (scaled)

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Workout Log
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As a Veteran, I sincerely appreciate the Hero Workouts.   As the daughter of a Veteran, married to a Veteran, from a long line of Veterans, I experienced a sense of pride in my heart to follow (as best I could) this workout.   Lieutenant Andrew Richard Nuttall is now part of my personal life experience as I embark on this CrossFit journey.

The left pec, from the front/under of my arm, is still sore from Monday, so the Pull Ups were out today.   This lingering sharp discomfort has prompted me to research ‘recovery food’, which, apparently, Im already eating.

More important to me at this time, is Me versus The Clock.

Monday I raced against the clock and got hurt.   This brought me back to something I told my self in the first week of CrossFit: Accuracy Before Speed.   This needs be my mantra every time I walk through that door.

Today we warmed up with 50 JJ and DROM.   My Dynamic Range of Motion was centered more on what range of motion I had, and what sets would need be scaled based on that.

The “Nutts”

-10 Handstand Push Ups (It’s a Yoga thing .. no worries here)

-15 Deadlift (55# .. just right for my pec)

-25 Box Jumps (I used the 12”)

-50 Pull Ups (Not happening with the pec .. so did a modified version that worked the range of motion plus full extension)

-100 Wallballs (Early this morning I had my first CrossFit dream .. I was doing Wallballs, working on my technique.  Come to CF and I have 100 waiting for me!  😀  )

-200 Double Unders (I only managed about 25 DU so ended up doing 575 jumps)

-400m Run w/Plate (I carried 25#.  I liked carrying it overhead with arms locked out; hated the hip carry – it bounces too much.  Will try the on-the-back carry next time.)

Final time .. with LOTS of scaling: 30:08.


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