Week Two, Day Six

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Workout Log
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Still crazy sore this morning.   Posted a question to the ‘Starters’ page on whether or not I should still do CF.    Got two good answers (from Pearse and Scott .. thanks guys!).

As I was mulling over whether or not I should go, I thought about how my Yoga students tell me they are sore from the day before, and how I tell them, “Glad you decided to come, because it helps to work it out.”

So off I went to ‘work it out’.

This morning’s Warm-Up:
-75 DU (“Double Under”; which means I did closer to 250; havent found that rhythm yet);
-15 PU (did 10 full body, 5 on the knees);
-15 Squats (this was where I ‘worked it out’);
-2x30sec Squat Stretch (easy; I did Figure 8s, then alternated between wide squats and closed knee squats [feet flat] .. its a Yoga thing);
-DROM (I did Yoga: Wide-A Forward Bend [chest on floor]; Natarajasana; and Wheel).

Then, the WOD:
-1 mile run with 25# sandbag,
–at the 1/2 mile mark, 25 Squats (w/sandbag),
–then at the end, another 25 Squats (w/sandbag).

Finishing time: 16:40.

The best time (a guy) was 13:08, the slowest 20:02, so that puts me better than middle.   When I jog/run (Im a trail runner), I average 9 min miles with a 10-13lb pack, so the weight here was much heavier than I am used to. Also, I detest running on asphalt.   Or, as I often say, “Im 52 and can still run because I run on the earth, not the hardtop.”

I started in a jog, but that soon became a lope (or a slow, easy stride).   My primary focus was on the breath – that Yoga thing again.   In fact, at one point, listening to my breath, being aware of my bodies reaction to the breath in conjunction with the weight, in the dark, running along a busy road (on the sidewalk), I thought, ‘Its just me and the breath .. my running companion‘.   Which is similar to when I am in the woods.

Ill see as the weekend progresses how that weight will affect my back.   As I was running, I was aware of the trapezius and gastrocnemius; but now, its the traps, hamstrings and medial delt.

Lol .. no doubt Ill be sore this afternoon, and moreso tomorrow.   But, I have two days to rest (after three Yoga classes today, and 2 tomorrow), so will be mindful of resting and appreciative towards the body’s needs.

In all .. I enjoyed it, and it brought back Army memories, when I was in the 300 Club .. doing crazy PT.


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