I teach Yoga and am a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist six days a week.   My one day off is Sunday; and though I should be resting, more often than not, I am not.

In between classes and massage sessions I run errands and do chores.   Additionally, there is CrossFit three times a week (on the busiest Yoga days, where I teach four classes a day / 4.5 hours).    Then there is my personal Yoga practice and hiking/jogging.    All total there is little time left for play.   This is why Sunday is not unusually a day of rest and recuperation, but of activity.

‘Yes’, I fully understand the need for R&R; as a lifelong fitness enthusiast and personal trainer I know the benefits firsthand.   Evenso, those in a situation similar to my own, know full well that what we often teach is not what always happens.

On Monday (6 June), before CrossFit (5:20am), Keefa (the owner) was telling me something similar – that her one day off, Sunday, was a whirlwind of activity.   This is yet another reason why I like her: we have much in common.  So in addition to her knowledge of physical culture (comparable to my own), we also share a similar lifestyle and outlook (busy and positive).

At 52 I’ve been told that I need to “slow down”; mostly by those who are fat, sickly and/or envious.   Sense I tend to trust my own advice (over external advice), I do what I have always done: Listen to the Body and Mind.    These are my best teachers.

I do this by eating when I am hungry, sleeping when I am tired, kicking back when I feel a need to.   And it really is that simple.   Though I get up and do things when tired, and work through when hungry, equally I wholly support the signals I receive from the body and mind and comply to the best of my ability and circumstance.

I have learned this from Yoga: to listen and respect the needs of the body and mind.   From an outside perspective, my schedule is crazy.   Those closest to me consider me something of an anomaly, and those who don’t know me that well, can’t figure out how I do what I do.   Even so, I thrive on this level of activity – either by disposition or accommodation, by nurture or nature.

Which brings me to some observations:

Weight: To be clear, I am not weight obsessed.  Instead, I use it as one of many tools to gauge fitness and activity.   On 16 May I started following the basic Paleo Diet format of protien + fruit, with a beginning weight of 125lbs.   Being a Vata Body Type (in Ayurveda), Im small boned, and my body adapts well to dietary changes.

By weeks end (5 days later), I weighed 129lbs, which I thought rapid, but not unnaturally so.   I asked about this on the CrossFit forum and received some sound experiential advice; so coupled with my not being weight-centric, was not concerned about it.   Additionally, it was suggested that my calorie intake was low (1100-1500 per day).

Following the Paleo format for the second week, my weight dropped to 128, and by the end of that week, to 127.   For the last three days the bodies weight has been 126 – so I cant honestly say what I weight.   But again, am not overly concerned, for as I wrote above, this is simply an “observation”.   Plus, my energy level has not dropped, my recovery time is good, and I don’t feel bad.   In short: I’m keeping a keen eye internal on the situation.

Diet: I keep track of food and activity on FitDay, and though this is a general guide, it does give me a baseline idea of what I am doing.   Since adding Crossfit, I have been eating more; so that this last week (7 days), I have been averaging 14-1500 calories a day.

-Eating Meat: No intention of doing that.  Instead I am putting loads of time into researching protein and Branch Chain Amino Acids as found in fruits and vegetables.

Clarity: I tend to the ‘scatterbrained’ side, or ‘forgetful’.   I have long attributed it to being ADHD, which I have had physicians explain that I am.   Not one who relies on such external suggestions (like take drugs for this), I have ‘treated’ myself via diet (no sugars, no red dyes, etc).   Since eating more protein via nuts, my mind has become very clear.   Those little things – like, ‘where did I put the car keys’, or ‘did I lock the front door’, have simply vanished.   I have better recall today than I did 23 days ago when I first started the Paleo format – which in this case I attribute to upping my fat content.

Which brings me to 6 June, Monday, and what I did at CrossFit.


-50 Double Unders

(Still no rhythm here; am able to do maybe 10 of these, and not usually in succession.)

-50 High Knees

(I liked these, even when done fast.)

-15 Push Ups

(While in the Army I did these daily; not any more.   Also in the Army, I was in the 300 Club, so could do about 60 in 2 mins.   Now, I’m working on getting 10 good ones.   No worries, it will happen.)

-15 Hip Extensions

-15 Sit Ups

(These last two on the GHD, which I love, and are similar to Yoga movements, so can do all day long.)

For the WOD, it was a weight day:

4 Rounds

9 SDHP (Sumo Deadlift High Pull)

10 HSPU (Handstand Push Up)

9 Front Squats

10 Kettleball Swings

Finish with an 800 meter run

Im really digging the SDHPs; I just like the way they feel.   Though, the left pectoralis minor was sore that night; mainly, imo, from uneven strength in the arms.

The HSPU is easy .. I teach those in Yoga; however, not to the level in CrossFit.   For example, my version of a push up here is a slight bend and straighten; in CrossFit, there are back rests beneath my head that I am supposed to touch.   Keefa placed three beneath my head and I was able to touch, so knocking it down to two pads is a goal.

Squats are pretty easy for me, again because of Yoga, but it’s the added weight that I really feel later.   This is mainly in the lateral quad; then a little in the middle of the hamstring (bicep femoris).

I like the KB Swings .. the movement, but then have long been fascinated with rotational mobility.   I have played around with Clubbells, and toyed with the idea of making a metal set, but haven’t done it yet.   Maybe CrossFit is just the motivation I need to start exploring this area for real.

I enjoy running but not on asphalt.   While in the Army, this always hurt the knees, so since then I have become a trail runner, and love it.   Nothing like woods running – in heat or cold, dry or rain – to enliven every fiber of my being.   And the pace is my own.   I can ‘charge a hill’, or jog; I can speed up or slow down all based on what ‘feels good’ – all the while taking in the scenery and doing what ‘feels good’.

While in the Army (in my 30s) I was running 6 minute miles; now I average 9-10 (52 years).   What I have noticed is that I meet less and less ‘old runners’, mostly because of knee pain, which I don’t have, and which I attribute to trail running over hardtop.  So am not a fan of the CrossFit run around the parking area (concrete and ashphalt).

  1. Kris says:

    I had no idea you’d gone Paleo! One of the PhD students at GSU has been doing Paleo diet/ Crossfit combo for about a year now and loves it. She’s lost 70-80 pounds I think, and aims to lose 30-40 more – though I think she looks great now just as she is. I don’t know that it’s the right diet for me but I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I also read your post on lectins and looked up a bit about them, but I’m afraid I don’t understand them at all.

  2. […] I spoke with Keefa about it this morning .. that and the sleep question. […]

  3. bodyweight mike says:

    Keen insight. Significantly research. I’m impressed. Your blog rocks!

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