Matt, my trainer at CrossFit Iconz, asked if I would be back on Friday the 28.   I mentioned where I read on that a day of rest between workouts was recommended; plus I told him I wasn’t sure how I would feel the next day, so thought it best to ‘relax and recuperate’ over the weekend (Memorial Day weekend), then resume Monday.

My definition of ‘rest’ does not always mean ‘doing nothing’, as some so enjoy.

28 May, Saturday (the day after all the Push-ups, Bear Crawls and Squat Stretches, I woke up feeling energized.

As a Live Vegan I always started my day with lime and coconut water.   It has a very cleansing effect on the digestive system; gently awakening the salivary glands (the first digestive acids), it flushes debris from the esophagus, where it activates the stomach’s primary function.   The lime and coconut are tangy and sweet, even working to clear my head from sleep, so I never need caffeine.   Then, it affords me an opportunity to dance in the kitchen   😀

After checking email, I scooped up some hazelnuts and put them in a container with two cut apricots and 2 cut peaches.  I then grabbed some dog treats and Lilka’s water bowl, added water to the camel back, and tossed my 24hr BOB into the car and headed for Fort Yargo where my friends had reserved a yurt for the weekend.

I ran 4 miles in 44 minutes.

Lilka and I ate our treats after the run, and about two hours later, ate an entire bunch of bananas.

I then spent the day drinking enough beer to counter the great run; but then, Ive noticed that after a run, I can drink crazy amounts of beer.   Not sure why this is, so need to remember to research that subject (unless anyone reading this has an idea).

29 May, Sunday, part of the brain reminded me that I needed to have “one day of rest” from the CrossFit, and usually, Sunday is my one resting day from Yoga (I teach six days a week).   But life is too short and I like to play, so I pulled down the ride-on-top, loaded it into the truck, and headed to Fort Yargo again.   By 7am my friend and I were on the water (he in a canoe).

I finished off the last of my fresh fruit for lunch, while my friends grilled a 3lb filet of salmon, leaving the bag of cherry’s for me!.   Topped with, again, too much beer.   But hey, that Newcastle goes down so smooth.

30 May, Monday, CrossFit Iconz’s first class was 10am.  I was there.   It was the last day of the Foundation basics for me.

Matt had me do the Group Warm-Up:

50 Jumping Jacks

50 Double Unders

15 GHD Sit Ups

15 GHD Back Extensions

The biggest challenge I have right now is timing the DUs, so I did closer to 150, with only a few isolated double jumps.

After this Matt showed me how to do the Overhead Squats, the Medicine Ball Crunch and the Push Jerk.   These multi-movement sets are new to me, so the movement feels ‘off’; meaning, I cant quite get the feel for them.

But, its as I tell my Yoga students – both new to the practice and experienced – “Be patient, take your time, find your breath”.   And so I keep that in mind working with the heavy bar (I think it weighs 20lbs, no added weight); rooting my attention and intention on the movement and coordinating it with the breath .. serene in the Yoga – the “union” – of body, mind, breath and fluid movement.  Not in a hurry, for there is only the Now.

My timed workout then was 3 Rounds of:

250 meter Rows

15 Overhead Squats

15 Medicine Ball Crunches

15 Push Jerks

The final time was 18:23.

The ‘double dips’ in the movements really threw me, so were good opportunities to set my mind at steady.   But it was the breathing, after the Rows, that was the greatest challenge – just slowing it down enough to focus on the weighted movements.

When finished, after catching my breath, I felt totally revved up, so did the Group Warm-Up again (but only about 30 of the Jump Ropes, with only a few Double Unders).   Then, because it felt ‘right’, I did some dips on the side of a step-up box (25 total); and hung suspended on the GHD (I do Wheel Poses [backbends] in Yoga, so this feels great).

Overall, what I have noticed (and I have noticed in the past after a strenuous workout) is the hunger level.   I track what I eat on, and from its estimate (because that’s all it is), I am still only eating about 1100 calories (though Saturday the 27 was 1550), and not sure if I should feel concerned by this because I focus on optimum nutrition – which means I don’t eat junk.   Plus, I feel really good – physically, mentally and spiritually – so am likewise unconcerned.

Its all a learning curve ..

31 May, Tuesday (this morning), there is a sore spot between the shoulder blades.   I don’t think this is from boating on Saturday because – knowing this body – I would have felt that on Sunday or Monday.   So am attributing it to the 3 Rounds I did on Monday.   Its directly between the blades, which is an area often stretched in Yoga, so I have been moving it all morning.

Now to figure out what todo on ‘light days’, or those days I don’t goto the gym (which right now is Monday, Wednesday and Friday).   Matt suggested doing the WOD from the CrossFit site.

Live Deliberately!

Yogini Valarie Devi


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