Friday morning:  Matt, my trainer this morning, suggested I warm up by jumping rope .. not something Ive done since I was a kid.   He said 50, but I kept going until he asked ‘how many’; I was at 92 when I stopped.

He then had me do 2 Rounds of:

20 Push Ups

Bear Crawls

Squat Stretch

Ive got the squat down .. being a Yogini.   I showed Matt a squat were I extend one leg forward and balance.   He asked if I could do 1-Legged Squats, I cant, but told him I always wanted to .. ever since seeing Jackie Chan do them in a movie.   So, using the rings for balance, I did 6 per leg.   Lol .. all I could do!

We then went over the Foundation basics; namely, the Front Squat, Push Press and Sumo Deadlift Hip Press.   I really liked the latter .. great upper ab work there!

I alternated bars – 25lbs and 45lbs – and took my time,  not realizing I was on the clock .. gotta get used to that.

I finished the Foundation with a 400 meter Row .. for a total time of 14 minutes.

In all, my primary focus was on form.   Im not a weight lifter, but do loads of squats and lunges in Yoga, so learning the mechanics was where I put all my attention.   There and figuring which breath where.   Matt suggested inhaling on contractions.   There is no Yoga without concentrated breathing – pranayama – so I was very diligent in the coordination of the lifts and squats in conjunction with the breath.

Afterwards, we started discussing nutrition when he mentioned a study he had read about chocolate milk.   I googled it when I got home and found this:  Chocolate Milk Refuels Muscles After Workout – Study Shows Carbohydrates and Protein in Chocolate Milk Help Muscles Recover From Exercise

I like the chocolate part because I add a tablespoon to my pre-workout smoothie (raw cacao), which is 2 bananas and 1 cup of berries (black- or blue-).

Before leaving, I finished up with some more jump rope .. literally trying to refamiliarize myself with that rhythm.  Tried a few of the double jumps, but it wasnt happening.  From the lifts to the rope, my mantra was Accuracy Before Speed.


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